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AAISP unveils 80Mbps fibre broadband plans

Monday, March 26th 2012 by Editorial
A new fibre optic broadband service is set to be launched by AAISP.

Business-focused internet service provider AAISP has announced plans to launch a new up to 80Mbps fibre optic broadband product in the coming weeks.

The company explained it will begin offering two distinct "flavours" of super-fast broadband package - Basic, which will allow download speeds of not more than 40Mbps and Premium, which will come with not more than 80Mbps download rates.

While the Basic service will offer not more than 10Mbps upload capabilities, the Premium product will make speeds of double this figure available.

AAISP stressed that the Premium package is not guaranteed to be faster as some customers' lines may not be capable of more than 40Mbps capabilities.

It explained that the higher-tier service "will still cost more for the 'elevated weighting' within BT and priority in our network".

AAISP will offer faster fibre optic broadband as a result of BT's infrastructure upgrade, which is set to come into effect from early April. The telecoms giant's network is open to all communications providers on a wholesale basis.