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Bradford and Leeds apply for ultra-fast fibre broadband funding

Tuesday, February 14th 2012 by Editorial
A joint bid for the Urban Broadband Fund has been submitted by Leeds City and Bradford councils.

Leeds and Bradford have applied for government funding to finance the deployment of ultra-fast fibre optic broadband.

Bradford and Leeds City councils have submitted a bid for a share of the Conservative-led coalition's £100 million Urban Broadband Fund, which is designed to support the rollout of next-generation access in up to ten of the UK's biggest cities.

If the Leeds City Region Partnership's application proves successful, ultra-fast broadband will be extended to more than 16,000 businesses and 88,000 homes in the area.

Leader of Bradford Council Ian Greenwood said a super-fast broadband network will attract investment and create jobs in the area.

"These ambitious proposals will support both existing and new businesses, as well as local residents, to take advantage of the opportunities that enhanced broadband connections will bring," he added.

According to Ofcom, super-fast broadband is currently available to 81 per cent of properties in Bradford and 82 per cent of homes and businesses in Leeds.