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BT Infinity broadband coming to 300,000 more properties

Thursday, January 13th 2011 by Editorial
The telecoms giant will roll out the service in 41 market towns.

BT Infinity broadband is coming to hundreds of thousands more homes and businesses across the country, the telecoms giant has announced.

The fibre optic broadband service will be rolled out to around 300,000 properties located in 41 market towns across the UK by spring 2012, as part of the company's plans to make the technology available in more rural areas.

Steve Robertson, chief executive of Openreach - BT's local network business - argued the project is as important as the building of road and rail links.

Infrastructure improvements on this scale can only be carried out in partnership, he explained, stating the company is keen to discuss the matter with private and public sector organisations.

"We're working on ways to give people more of an opportunity to demonstrate where demand for next generation fibre broadband is the greatest," Mr Robertson added.

BT unveiled the plans to bring the technology to market towns last month, but at the time said only a maximum of 40 communities would be included in the project.