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Community project unveils broadband plan for rural Lancashire

Thursday, August 25th 2011 by Editorial
Community members in rural Lancashire are being asked to support B4RN's fibre broadband project.

B4RN has released details of its plan to deliver a new fibre optic broadband service for rural north Lancashire.

The co-operative project is calling on local farmers and other community members to support the scheme, which will aim to create an independent fibre to the home network to serve sparsely populated areas of the county.

Speaking to the Farmers Guardian, founder member of B4RN Christine Conder said there is not enough financial support to bring next-generation broadband to remote parts of the UK.

"Any funding there is will go to rural market towns, not the farmers," she told the publication.

"While we know some farmers do not use the internet, many do and are as frustrated as anyone else by the slow speeds."

The £1.86 million project needs an initial commitment of £750,000 before October 1st in order to proceed.

From next week, B4RN will host a series of parish meetings to encourage people to get involved in the project and consider making an investment. The first is due to take place at Wennington School on September 1st.