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Fibre broadband could be legacy for ex-Kent council chief

Friday, April 27th 2012 by Editorial
A former Kent county councillor could be remembered for the quality broadband services he helped bring to the area.

Extensive fibre optic broadband coverage in Kent could become the lasting legacy of former county councillor Kevin Lynes.

A vocal proponent of the benefits of super-fast broadband, Mr Lynes died earlier this month at the age of 52 before his vision could be realised, reports the Kent and Sussex Courier.

However, Kent County Council leader Paul Carter has promised to continue his former colleague's work to deliver next-generation broadband to 90 per cent of homes and businesses in Kent and Medway by 2015.

The council chief said Mr Lynes was "extraordinarily passionate" about the campaign for upgraded broadband services.

"Far too many areas in Kent have poor or limited broadband connectivity," Mr Carter commented.

"This inhibits Kent businesses and is thoroughly inconvenient to residents in these areas."

Mr Lynes had described the county's super-fast broadband project as a "great ambition" and said it could be achieved, provided a private sector communications provider can be persuaded to invest in the initiative.