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Unreliable broadband 'significant problem' for small firms

Tuesday, September 30th 2014 by Editorial
Poor broadband connections may be hindering the progress of small businesses.

Small businesses could be being hindered by their broadband connections, a new report reveals.

Research published by Citizens Advice involving 2,000 small companies shows internet access is one of the most troublesome factors for them, with one-third experiencing problems logging on to the web at some point during the last 12 months.

A similar proportion of respondents said they were concerned about a lack of customers or demand for their service - worries that could potentially be resolved with access to fibre broadband and improved internet loading speeds.

The research also found over half of those questioned would lose money or even their entire business if they did not have reliable internet access.

Margaret Lynch, Chief Executive of Citizens Advice Scotland, explained that due to Scotland's geographical and economical structure, slow and inadequate broadband was a particularly prevalent problem in the country.

Chief Executive of Citizens Advice Gillian Guy added: "Poor broadband services are costing small firms business ... A reliable broadband service is essential for firms to be able to operate."