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Angus Council set to approve fibre broadband cabinet

Monday, February 13th 2012 by Editorial
BT is seeking planning permission to install a new super-fast broadband street cabinet in Montrose.

Angus Council is this week expected to approve the installation of a fibre optic broadband exchange serving the town of Montrose.

Openreach, BT's local access network business, filed an application with the local authority to install one of its street cabinets opposite The Mall shopping centre and recommendation has been made that the development should be given the green light, reports the Courier.

Councillors are set to give their views on the matter in a meeting on Tuesday (February 14th 2012).

The cabinet, if approved, will be 1.3m tall, 0.4m deep and 0.75m wide, and will be located beside a similar BT unit, as a link between the two requires them to be no more than 50m apart.

No objections have been raised, although it is believed councillors will ask BT to install a dark green cabinet, rather than the grey unit that was initially proposed.

The announcement comes shortly after the telecoms giant revealed it will roll out fibre optic broadband to a further 277,000 Scottish properties by the end of 2012.