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BT to roll out FTTH broadband to 10,000 Bradwell Abbey properties

Tuesday, December 20th 2011 by Editorial
More premises in Bradwell Abbey will be connected to BT's ultra-fast broadband service.

BT has announced almost 10,000 homes and businesses in Milton Keynes are set to gain access to its fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) broadband service.

The telecoms giant's latest round of improvement works in the town will benefit a total of 9,600 properties in the Bradwell Abbey district, where BT first trialled its FTTH product.

Premises included in the new rollout, which will be completed by the end of 2012, are set to receive up to 100Mbps download speeds, rising as high as 300Mbps next spring.

John Weaver, BT's regional director for the south-east, said the upgrade to the Bradwell Abbey exchange will offer significant benefits to local businesses.

"At a stroke, small and medium-sized firms will have access to big business speeds at much lower costs allowing them to find new markets," he explained.

The news comes just a matter of days after the company revealed an additional 178 exchanges across the UK have been earmarked for fibre optic broadband upgrades.