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CityFibre to prioritise Bournemouth fibre broadband network

Thursday, May 5th 2011 by Editorial
Chief executive Greg Mesch has put the company's Dundee project on hold.

The new owner of fibre optic broadband network specialist Fibrecity Holdings has revealed the company will complete work in Bournemouth before extending its services to other parts of the UK.

Greg Mesch, chief executive of the new firm - CityFibre Holdings - told the Courier it was a mistake for former bosses to begin rolling out the technology to Dundee before the project had been finished in the south coast city.

He commented: "Finishing Bournemouth is our priority.

"Since we are only about ten days into this, it is completely impossible to predict what we would do with the next city."

However, Mr Mesch said Dundee is well-placed on the shortlist of future locations, thanks to its size, demographics and the fact that planning and pre-construction work in the city has already been finished.

CityFibre announced the acquisition of Fibrecity Holdings in March 2011 and last month completed a restructuring of the company with the consent of the banks that originally funded the initiative.