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Fibre broadband arrives at rural Cornish school

Monday, March 3rd 2014 by Editorial
A remote Cornwall school has found fibre optic broadband to be a valuable asset.

Rural Treleigh Primary School near Redruth in Cornwall has been enjoying the benefits of superfast fibre optic broadband after a connection was recently laid to the site.

Josh Hosking, Director of iCT4, which managed the installation, said he thought it was "brilliant" how the school has adapted to the new technology.

Pupils and teachers have been taking advantage of their new connection to allow them to Skype other educational organisations and to participate in webinars and video conferences.

It has also made the internet a more valuable learning resource for the school, as before having access to superfast fibre optic broadband, it regularly experienced slow connections.

Helen Collinge, Head Teacher at the school, said: "The internet is a lifeline to rural schools such as Treleigh … it has revolutionised our school."

Richard Hutchinson of Superfast Cornwall said he hopes more schools will take advantage of the service, as 85 per cent of the county is currently connected.