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Lack of broadband 'a major issue' in Cirencester

Wednesday, December 31st 2014 by Editorial
The provision of improved broadband connectivity is a top priority for Cirencester residents.

The residents of Cirencester in Gloucestershire want to see renewed efforts to deliver improved broadband services in the coming months.

A poll carried out by Cirencester Chamber of Commerce placed the present lack of superfast broadband for many areas of the town as among the top three concerns for respondents, the Wilts & Gloucestershire Standard reports.

In addition, poor mobile network coverage and inadequate town centre parking were also shown to be real bugbears for the local community.

Chamber committee member Simon Large told the news provider: "We circulated our members with a list of issues and these three issues were at the top. Other issues were potholes, the Missing Link and road conditions."

Business owners in particular could be feeling the drawbacks of poor broadband speeds, as slow download times can have a considerable impact on areas like transferring business data and even setting up an online presence.