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SNP announces superfast broadband pledge

Tuesday, April 14th 2015 by Editorial
An increase in superfast broadband coverage has been pledged by the SNP as part of the party's general election manifesto.

The Scottish National Party (SNP) has announced its manifesto ahead of next month's general election and has committed to bolstering superfast broadband coverage across Scotland in the next parliament.

Additional investment will be sought to ensure the areas that are most deprived of essential online services at present are able to see significant improvements in connectivity in the coming years.

SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon stated: "Ensuring Scotland’s businesses thrive is vital in order to strengthen and grow our economy and create the fairer and more prosperous country we all want to see."

She added that a commitment to boost broadband speeds and coverage across the country is needed to ensure companies and communities of all sizes are able to benefit from the myriad advantages of improved internet access.

John Swinney, Deputy First Minister of the Scottish Parliament, supported the proposals and claimed improved connectivity will be particularly beneficial to the nation's small business operators.